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We are pioneering the Asset-Based Spiritual Development (ABSD) paradigm in order to co-create a world where all people are treated with dignity, afforded the opportunity to grow, and experience the joy of living in alignment with their deepest values-- including YOU and the community you serve.

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  • Accompaniment

    Experience firsthand the benefits of the ABSD approach on your personal development journey.

  • Coaching Communities

    Access budget-friendly ABSD through micro-coaching and specialized ABSD cohorts.

  • Courses

    Take video courses designed to instigate and encourage fresh direction in your life and leadership.

  • Executive Coaching

    Engage in deep asset-based development that will shift your team, neighborhood, or organization.

  • Content Creation

    Collaborate on custom content, workshops, and more to initiate and nurture ABSD

  • Retainer Services

    Cultivate ABSD in your teams and across your organization through curated access to all of Ekklesia's offerings.

Meet Your ABSD Coach

Ericka Henry

Ericka is a church planter, pastor, and missional practitioner with over 10 years of ministry leadership experience. Since co-planting her first church at the age of 19, Ericka has led discipleship efforts and change management strategy in congregations of all shapes and sizes. From collaborative leadership in micro-church settings, to high-level team leadership in the mega-church, Ericka has developed a passion for inciting prophetic imagination and sustainable ministry practice for clergy and lay leaders alike. Ericka is the Founder and Network Pastor of the Holy District Network, a grassroots, Jesus-centered, community building effort at work in several communities across the United States. She holds a BS degree in Organizational Leadership from Greenville University and a Master of Theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. Ericka is a licensed minister in the BIC US, and a content creator and practitioner with Forge America. She lives in Allentown, PA with her husband, son, and two dogs.

Meet Your Systems and Development Coach

Sierra Martin

Sierra is a driven and collaborative leader with diverse experience serving non-profits, legal professionals, and community organizations with her administration and project management expertise. She specializes in developing operational systems to help organizations find greater efficiency and sustainability. Sierra received a BS in Justice Studies from Arizona State University where she also minored in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and completed a certificate in socio-legal studies. Her efforts to understand the dynamics of the societal systems and her passion for community-building underpin her vision for holistic healing in disempowered and disenfranchised communities. In early 2021, she relocated to Allentown, PA to become more deeply immersed in the work of the Holy District Network with Ericka. Sierra enjoys the beauty of northeastern hiking trails with her dog and boyfriend, a competitive game night with friends and the journey of simple living.

If you are yearning for more joy and less drain, more partnership and less paternalism, more unity and less uniformity...

You are in the right place-- and you already have what you need.


“Ericka has a remarkable range of leadership experience, but more importantly, she's a remarkable leader. She's wise, strategic and pastoral. I have personally benefited greatly from her ability to offer insightful and incisive coaching in both my ministry and my personal development. I've also seen how her investment in emerging leaders in my congregation expanded our leadership capacity and greatly benefited our congregation, and those individuals, beyond what I had hoped for.”

Tim Diehl, ordained pastor with over 23 years of pastoral and campus ministry experience

“Navigating marriage, motherhood, multiple businesses and a passion to serve God has been challenging, and sometimes depleting. However, I am blessed to not have to navigate this journey alone. Having Ericka Henry as my coach has been life changing. As a result of her coaching and guidance, I have been able to take better care of my mental health and live a more balanced, God centered life. I highly recommend her services. ”

Andrene Brown Nowell, Executive Director of Fine Feather Foundation

“Ericka has poured her expertise, passion, and life experience into the Mobilizing Female Leaders course. The skills and insights that I have gained are already bearing fruit in my efforts to support female leaders in the contexts where I lead and serve. I highly recommend you engage her coursework and coaching offerings.”

Terry Ishee, Executive Director of Forge America

“The time I spent in mentorship with Ericka was probably the most productive of my life.  She has a unique ability to hone in on the most pressing needs, then to make a strategic plan to address them.  She helped me to stay focused on my goals by encouraging, guiding and holding my hand (figuratively, and literally, if needed).  Although I’m old enough to be Ericka’s mother, she has been a true spiritual mother for me.  I’d recommend Ericka as a coach to any person looking for help in finding their voice and creating action steps to achieve their goals.  ”

Carmen Carpenter, Ministry Leader and Educator

“Ericka is an absolute gem! She leads with a confidence and expertise that reflect her deep experience. She is an integrator, so she is able to hold many divergent thoughts together and communicate them in a way that is meaningful and understandable. She shepherds with a strength that is not afraid to be direct when it is merited but also with a compassion that draws others closer to Jesus and closer to their true self. Her love for Jesus and his church is evident and undeniable. I am a better follower of Jesus because I know Ericka.”

Dave Drake, Chaplain and Forge America Hub Leader

“Ericka did a killer job of leading our Ministry Discernment Day. The session was interactive while also deeply substantive – vibrant lectures, incisive individual reflection time, paradigm-shifting group activities – all infused with wit, grace and an evident passion for the Gospel of the Kingdom. She’s a powerhouse personality whose charisma and verve are contagious.”

Ryan Cagno, Director of NextGen Ministries for the Atlantic Conference of the BICUS

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